Game of Thrones S7 Predictions (Part 1)

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you know that I’m a crazy A Song of Ice and Fire book fan. Obvious spoiler warning for the show and the books.

I’ve read all the books once and the only thing that’s keeping me from reading them again is that, whenever I pick up the first book, I remember Ned’s death and don’t know how I can cope with being depressed about that all over again. Don’t even get me started about the Red Wedding.

I also haven’t seen much of the HBO TV series. Until now. Because of two reasons:
1.  If Jon didn’t get resurrected, I swear I would have staged an angry rally somewhere, complete with burning effigies.
2. I was so sure they would confirm R+L=J this season. And I wanted to be there at the exact moment it happened so I could scream in glee. Which I did. Every single time I rewatched that scene.

(On that note, D&D said in the Inside the Episode video that “Dany crossing the narrow sea with her dragons was the one thing we’ve all been waiting for.” And I was like, NO D&D. IT TOTALLY WASN’T. WE WERE ALL WAITING FOR TOWER OF JOY.”)

And so, alas, since we have to wait at least ten months or more to know what happens next, my crazy brain has been on overdrive thinking about the implications of everything that happened.

Most of these are probably not going to come true, but I need to vent my overexcited imagination somewhere and my blog is as good as any other place. Here’s Part 1:

– Dany sends messengers (Aegon the Conqueror style) announcing her claim to the iron throne and demanding that the houses of Westeros swear fealty to her or burn.

– Jon will probably reply something like “there is a greater threat beyond the wall, my lady” or something like that. I dunno. Littlefinger may sabotage the message.

– Cersei will probably butcher the messenger and send Dany what’s left of him in spite.

– Furious, Dany will launch a full-on attack on King’s Landing.

– Dany will have dragons but Cersei has wildfire. Both sides will be pretty much equal in the first few battles due to some cunning traps that Cersei lays to whittle down Dany’s armies.

– I expect Dany will have trouble with the Dothraki. It’s their nature to pillage and rape and steal, so she’ll have to deal with that.

– With Tyrion’s counsel and infiltration by Varys’ informants, Dany’s army will finally penetrate King’s Landing.

– I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but Cleganebowl is so on. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m placing all my bets on the Hound.

– Mad as she is, Cersei will order the destruction of King’s Landing in a “it’s either I rule King’s Landing or it will all burn” moment.

– As King’s landing is burning to ashes, Jaime finds Cersei as she flees King’s landing. Furious at what she’s done, Jaime will strangle her to death, fulfilling the prophecy.

– Jaime is probably going to die beside Cersei in the fire. I’m hoping he’ll be captured and that Tyrion will step in to save him from execution, though.

– I’ll even go out on a limb and say that at least one of Dany’s dragons will die during the battle for King’s Landing. Just to prove to us that Dany’s dragons are not the deus ex machina that will save the world.

– Dany will enter the destroyed throne room just like she did in her visions in the House of the Undying. Since winter has come, she’ll naturally find snow on the iron throne.

– We’ll get an obligatory scene of Dany on the iron throne, looking sadly at the destroyed city as snow falls upon it.

– After this victory, she and her army will then attempt to conquer the King in the North.

– On the way North, massive numbers of Dany’s army are likely to perish in the cold. We’re talking about Dothraki and a big group of Southerners here, after all. We all know that Stannis’ men were a bit of a joke to Northern soliders. They will also have been weakened by yhe battle for King’s Landing. The dragons can probably help them light up fires and stuff, though.

– I’m not sure if Jon and the Crannogmen will bother to hold the Neck. But it will be interesting to see how the Southerners get past it.

– Their forces considerably weakened, Theon will volunteer to talk to Jon and Sansa.

– I suspect, though, that Littlefinger will try to prevent an allegiance between Jon and Dany. Or that he will orchestrate fights between the men of the North and the South, hoping that Jon and Dany will kill each other, giving him a better chance of claiming the throne.

– On that note, I should say that while reading the books I never imagined Littlefinger ever desired to be the face of power in Westeros. Considering the fate of the last few kings, I thought he’d be smart enough to just manipulate Lords and Ladies in the background. His declaration that he wants to sit on the iron throne with Sansa as his queen was a bit off to me. (And considering that she’s just Cat 2.0 for him, it’s also fecking creepy. ) 

– Littlefinger will sow tension between Jon and Sansa. But considering Sansa is aware that “only a fool would trust Littlefinger” and that she genuinely seems to like Jon despite her misgivings, I doubt he’ll be truly successful on this front.

– If Sansa has truly learned the game, she’s going to manipulate Littlefinger into trusting her (possibly orchestrating tension between her and Jon) and lead Baelish to his undoing.

– If the line of communication is open between Jon and Dany, he’s likely to insist that the bigger threat is up north beyond the wall. But Dany’s not about to stop now.

– The wall will fall, which may or may not be Bran’s doing (I don’t think it will be, but who knows if being “marked” has any implications.) And I pray to the gods, both new and old, that the 999th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Dolorous Edd (first of his name), will survive. He is such a breath of fresh air (har) in the story and… he’s just irreplaceable.

– I expect that the Others will show up as the two armies are in the midst of a battle. Confused and overwhelmed, they’re going to begin to fight the Others and fail. This will naturally give the Others plenty of zombie-fiable corpses. Dany and her dragons will show up, scaring the Others back.

– This will result in an allegiance between Dany and Jon to fight against the others. Dany might see here that Jon has no intention of claiming the iron throne. He didn’t intend on claiming the title of King in the North either, so…

– I look forward to the reunion of Jon and Tyrion. It will be quite the contrast between the one between Tyrion and Theon. It’ll go something like: “The last time we met, you were an unwanted bastard and I just a dwarf. Look at where we are now. You, a King and I the Hand of the Queen.”

– I’m not sure how Arya’s story will pan out. There’s not much left to cross off her list, to be honest. Mel did say they’d meet again. She may also meet with the Hound, the Brotherhood Without Banners, and Nymeria’s wolf pack. Maybe even Gendry. Either she spirals into a destructive thirst for revenge or she realizes she wants to meet her family up North. An Arya-Jon-Sansa reunion will be interesting to watch.

– Not sure about Bran, either. He might go South. But when Meera asked him “are you sure you’re ready?” when he touched that weirwood, I got the feeling that he’ll literally take root where he is. With his magic, he may forge that area with new spells to make him undetectable to the Night’s King just like the former Three-Eyed Raven did with his cave. In any case, he’s going to take a good look into the past, present and, possibly, the future and find out more about the story behind the Others.

– We’ll also probably get an obligatory vision of the Others reigning supreme, just so we see what will happen if the Westerosis fail.

– I feel that Jon’s identity is central to the story. I feel that there’s something about him and, possibly, Dany that is key to bringing peace to Westeros once and for all.

– Bran may send Jon dreams, telling him of his location beyond the wall. Jon will come to him and Bran will reveal his identity and what he needs to do to destroy or, possibly, make peace with the Night King.

I still have a few more thoughts but I need to get them organized before I write a Part 2. In the meantime: What do you think will happen in the next season?