Flower Power

So, as it happens, my latest obsession has been botanical art. This is partially due to the fact that some of my favorite artists are really into it as well. But I think that it’s also something that fits my personality well. While I do love creating loose, expressive watercolors as much as every other painter, most of the time I prefer to be methodical when it comes to most things. I’m still not 100% exact when it comes to botanicals, though. (Still too impatient for that.) But at least, it’s methodical.


Referenced from The Sweet Pea Book by Graham Rice

You can blame it on good old nursing school discipline, perhaps. Anything I do still follows the framework of assess-diagnose-plan-implement-evaluate. Yes, for everything. Even painting. And, as you may imagine, that’s not exactly something that flies when you’re trying to be loose and painterly. Basically, I have a stick up my ass. So judge me.


It’s taking forever to finish this one…

And while I do like getting messy with paint sometimes, I find planning and taking my time to put in tiny details just so meditative. This is probably why, nowadays, finishing a single piece takes such a long time. Painting is not any more about producing finished things to post online (although that’s nice when it happens, too). Instead, it has become about exploration, getting to know things in a way you never would otherwise. You can, after all, appreciate all the flowers in a parts. But drawing them helps you get to know every single leaf whether green or dry and every single hole carved out by a hungry insect. You don’t see flowers that are just white or red or yellow anymore. Instead, you get to know all the tiny little hints of purple or blue or deep gold. That’s the true joy of painting, I think.


In honor of R+L=J

And on today’s morning walk, I think I found myself my next subject. If anyone can tell me what sort of plant this is, I’d very much appreciate it.


Sea Boys

M. Graham Watercolors on Arches Rough Watercolor Paper (or at least I think it was Arches Rough. All I know it was on sale at National Bookstore last year.)

It’s been a year since my last serious art piece. And by “serious” I mean any work of art in which I use fancy watercolor paper instead of my sketchbooks.

And, also, I finally got myself a pair of gorgeous Kolinsky sable brushes that I have wanted since forever. They’re available over at Art Whale, an online store based in Manila, which incredibly has prices that match those of international sellers, minus the crazy shipping costs. (I wish they sold my favorite paints, but I think I’ll give the Shin Han ones they do have a try.)

So I guess I was due for another big thing.


Last year, my boyfriend and I conspired to give one of our good friends a nice painting of a few teacups. This year, I wanted to surprise him with a painting of boys playing on boats in the sea which he took with his cellphone.

I like the overall shapes of the boys, although I know there are anatomy snafus aplenty. I guess I was so excited to use color that I didn’t double check on my sketch!

I wanted to amp up the blues and the textures of the sea. Pretty happy with what I got.


Again, many thanks to Jonard Albopera for the reference photo and the inspiration. 😀


Nothing sparks my creativity like…

A couple of months ago, some of us students on the Sketchbook Skool facebook group got together to do an Artist Trading Card Exchange. The theme for our exchange was “nothing sparks my creativity like…” – which wasn’t very hard, really, since I’m not very picky about the stuff that sparks my creativity. In fact, there are often too many things that spark my creativity. My usual problem is finding time to sit down and act on that creativity. (As you might expect, not finding time usually results in a cranky Hazy. Which is often. I’m now considering changing this blog’s name into That Lazy Crazy Cranky Lady.) Here are the ATCs I drew up: 1-IMG_6595

Because nature is awesome, and gives the best palette ideas.1-IMG_6593

I read somewhere that coffee is better for productivity, while alcohol is for creativity. Which is true. But I associate coffee with creativity anyway, because I have a thing for drawing coffee cups.1-IMG_6591

Because my favorite artists are so awesome and talented that every new work of art they churn out makes me weep. The painting in this painting is inspired by my favorite artist, Lois van Baarle1-IMG_6587

I feel I must say here that fancy new art supplies are not necessary to produce excellent works of art. But if you don’t know the sheer, childish joy of painting with a brand new brush or paint color then you probably wouldn’t understand this card.1-IMG_6584

Seeing new places, meeting new people and discovering both histories and dreams… is there anything else that can spark creativity better?

I also put a bit of wristwork into the backs, since I compulsively layout pretty much everything.: 1-IMG_6598