Why I Write

So I decided to apply for Nagkahiusang Magsusulat sa CDO, a local writer’s organization. Among the questions I had to answer was, “why do you write?” I decided it might be worth sharing my answer here:

The easy answer to this question is that I write because I can. It comes as naturally as breathing. When I have an idea, a thought, a feeling or an experience, my first instinct is to record it sometimes through a sketch or a photograph, but most often through the written word. I like to preserve moments that I know will pass and fade away. This is not because I cling to the past. Rather, it’s because I forget easily and like to remember.

I write because it is the best way to express myself. The spoken word can be influenced by social pressures, or the awkwardness of a situation, or the burning desire to be liked in that very moment. The written word, for me at least, is the clearest, sincerest form of communication that I can manage. (Read: I have poor social skills.)

Finally, I write because words are immortal. Or, more accurately, they will last longer than I ever will. Don’t get me wrong: I have no desire to be immortal or even to be remembered forever. (I prefer to be a wallflower, really.) But I do believe that so much wisdom, so many stories, lessons, opportunities and innovations, can be lost forever if we fail to pass these on. Therefore, I write because it is our survival. I write because it is our responsibility.


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