Catching up over lunch

Given that so much has happened over the past few months and I haven’t been blogging a whole lot, I have so much to catch up on! I haven’t had that much time to draw, either. Although I do draw more than the average person (mostly because of low attention span issues, and it’s one of the only ways I can ever focus on anything), but lately it just hasn’t been enough to churn out a lot of stuff I would post online.

However that doesn’t mean I haven’t been drawing a lot of my favorite thing to draw: food. There are so many advantages to drawing food. First: It stays still. Unless someone else touches it before you finish, which is why in this case I do not recommend sharing. Second: It’s always pretty. Or, at least, it’s always possible to make it pretty or fascinating on paper. Third: There’s so much variety in form, textures and colors. Fourth: It’s fun to understand your food. Sometimes you just don’t notice things when you’re so intent on eating them. Fifth: You get to eat it afterwards. The only disadvantage, I guess, is that it gets cold after drawing. But that’s not something I mind entirely.

One of my favorite drawing places is Missy Bonbon. They have some of the best salads and breads. Also love their gelato. Plus, they have such a cheery ambiance and very reliable WiFi.

Salad and Tea at Missy BonbonSalad and Tea at Missy Bonbon

If you’ve been following for a while, you know I’ve posted sketches of their food a couple of times before:

1-IMG_6268 IMG_5897

Another of my favorite drawing places as of late is Red Nectar. Their specialty is fruit and veggie shakes which, admittedly, I’m not all that into. They serve a decent coffee, though. And I’ve recently tried their Kori Kohi which is basically coffee cubes in milk. I dig this so much. It’s basically just milk that gets coffee-ier and coffee-ier by the minute.

Lunch at Red NectarPasta and Kohi Kori and Red Nectar

It’s a convenient chill place because it’s near my uni. A bonus is that it’s always fun as a 20-something to chill with a slow, solo lunch and listen to college kids overthinking their relationships out loud. Don’t worry, kids. I don’t judge. Was like that once. Although there was this one time I was sorely tempted to tell some guy at the next table “Uhm, I’m sorry bro, but I just don’t think she’s into you, you know.”

For lunch, I usually go for anything with pesto, just because their pesto smells amazing.

Coffee and a Sandwich at Red Nectar

Yet another place I’ve gotten the chance to go to pretty often is Dave’s Beanery Cafe, which is a bit of a pitstop when I’m going around barangays for work. I only go there for coffee, although one day I’d like to try their cakes which are huge for coffee shop standards.

Display at Dave's Beanery

Dave's Beanery

There are a few other of my favorite coffee and lunch places which I haven’t managed to sketch. Mostly because I’m just there for a quick lunch or I’m feeling self-conscious about sketching at the moment. Perhaps I’ll make it my mission over the holidays to sketch them all.

(By the way, my Instagram is a bit more updated than this blog. Mostly because I don’t curate it with really high standards. So if you’re on IG, perhaps you’d like to check it out too.)


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