Scribble Diaries: Mallfolk

When in doubt, draw in a mall. There’s always an abundance of subjects, most of whom are too busy minding their own business to notice you’re sketching them. The thing is, they’re so busy minding their own business that they are almost always moving around.

Which all makes it the perfect place for scribbler homework in Marc Taro Holmes’ “Drawing People in Motion” class. Which I am taking since I’m compensating for the fact that I could not be at the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Singapore. Which makes me sad. Almost miserable.

But that’s nothing a few hours of sketching cannot fix.

20150725_184415This girl was just passing by. I loved her hair and her billowy sleeves so I tried catching that in the few seconds she was visible.


Some people waiting in line at the bakeshop. I wished I could have gotten the details of their clothes, but another bunch of (less interesting) people blocked them from my vision.


High school-ish guy waiting for his brother to get ice cream or something. I liked his relaxed posture, although I think I may have made him look slightly stiff here.


Lady leaning on a counter, waiting for someone who was talking with the teller. She seemed to me a bit impatient to go (perhaps tired?).


I love people who age fabulously. This lady was a classic, with her short, sleek hair and regal posture. They make me comfortable about growing old in a world where people are obsessed with youth and are embarrassed about any age older than 25.


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