Chillin’ at Bo’s

Passport renewal takes up a huge chunk of the day, especially if you happen to have not shown up on time. (No thanks to National Department of Foreign Affairs for making the entire process more centralized and more time consuming. Before the changes, I got a passport well within two hours of application. The local DFA, however, is well appreciated.)

After the ordeal, I decided to have a really late lunch and a coffee at Bo’s Cafe.

Aaand details just because the camera I managed to snag today is pretty amazing: chillinatbos-preview3 chillinatbos-preview chillinatbos-preview2 I’ve decided that this place is officially my favorite coffeeshop. You can find another sketch of the place here.

Done with fineliners and watercolor on khadda paper.


4 thoughts on “Chillin’ at Bo’s

  1. Ooh, this is so ambient! I truly never get tired of illustrations of coffee, it is so comforting, and the brown tones of the coffee mug, are so warm. The lantern you drew, is rather cool! It really makes me feel as though I’m there, enjoying the atmosphere. 😀 I love cafes like that, they always have great food, and the people watching is fun. I like the little sketches you drew of the people in the cafe, it really makes your drawings come to life.

    • Thank you, Leah! *hugs* I know! Whenever I’m in an artist’s block, the easiest way to get out of it is get to a cafe and sketch a mug of coffee. :>
      I wanted to capture the moment of just relaxing in the coffee shop. I’m glad that got through to you! 😀

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