Stuff I Love: The Youssef Drawing Syllabus

Movement and Form by Samantha Youssef

So animator Samantha Youssef of Studio Technique is crowdfunding a book from her online course, the Youssef Drawing Syllabus on Kickstarter. The syllabus comes in three parts, which will each be a volume in her bookset. The Kickstarter campaign is for the first volume, which covers Movement and Form.

I’m supporting this project because I’ve wanted to take Samantha’s classes for a long time. Her multidisciplinary approach – particularly incorporating classical ballet and dance into teaching drawing and animation – appeals to me as I believe that art is a language that cuts across all disciplines.

On Youtube: Samantha’s live demo and critique session for book promotion.

Good news: the project looks like it’s going to be successful. Only 3 days in and it’s already almost 50% funded.

However, I do want it to be so ridiculously successful that Samantha will have no problem releasing an ebook, and the second, and the third book in the near future.

So if you like this sort of thing, do check it out! The Kickstarter page is here. You can learn more about Samantha’s classes at the Studio Technique website. Plus, here is a really good interview that picks her mind about how she teaches drawing and animation. 🙂


Update (December 2015): The book has arrived! I’ve already gone through it all and it’s an amazing read. But to really test it, I will be applying the techniques here over the next few months and see what I learn.


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