Sketchbook Recipe: Tati’s Sambal

I drew this sambal recipe for Koosje Koene’s Storytelling klass on Sketchbook Skool. This recipe was given to me and my mom by an Indonesian nun named Tati, hence the title. (On that note, a klassmate did inform me that “tati” does mean something else in Indian – something not quite so appetizing.)

I do love this recipe! It’s mostly chili and tomatoes, which are two of my most favorite things to eat in the world. I haven’t had time to make it lately, but whenever I do I’ll eat it with pretty much anything.


9 thoughts on “Sketchbook Recipe: Tati’s Sambal

  1. staviolatte says:

    oh yummy! and it’s a very cute book recipe as well 🙂 … however, the method of cooking is almost similar to the balinese sambal, ‘matahh’…hmm~

  2. Absolutely fantastic! This looks so animated, it’s really clever how you scattered the chopped bits of tomato and pepper, garlic and onion really gives the illustration a lovely sense of movement. I can almost hear the pan sizzling, and I imagine the smell of this dish is spicy and warm. Mmm… Gosh, the more I look at this the hungrier I get! XD

    • Thank you Leah! *hugs* I’m working on a project that is heavily inspired by Gustav Klimt’s abstract patterns… and it seems to be infecting everything I do! xD

      Ooh… It is good. You should try it! Although I should have put a warning: anyone within the vicinity of the chili smell is going to be sneeze-prone. It’s worth it though. 😀

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