Once a nurse…

It’s confusing and slightly offensive when people introduce me as a “nurse who is no longer a nurse”. I often don’t counter it out of politeness. But that last one was one too many. (Oh, and the wording was annoying.)

I don’t directly work in health care at the moment, but I am quietly determining whether the state of your skin is because of kidney problems or dehydration. Or looking for clues to confirm my suspicion that you have diabetes because I noticed that your breath smelled fruity a bit earlier. (Although I never mention it because it would seem out of place in the middle of a meeting or an interview.) Or that I’m still using slightly modified nursing tools for the job, because nothing comes close in efficiency and effectiveness. Or that I took an online course on health and society in between working hours. (Because when all is said and done, studying strategies in increasing life expectancy is still way more interesting than writing reports about places I never see anymore.)

Really, since when did anyone’s job decide what they are or what they are not?


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