Nothing sparks my creativity like…

A couple of months ago, some of us students on the Sketchbook Skool facebook group got together to do an Artist Trading Card Exchange. The theme for our exchange was “nothing sparks my creativity like…” – which wasn’t very hard, really, since I’m not very picky about the stuff that sparks my creativity. In fact, there are often too many things that spark my creativity. My usual problem is finding time to sit down and act on that creativity. (As you might expect, not finding time usually results in a cranky Hazy. Which is often. I’m now considering changing this blog’s name into That Lazy Crazy Cranky Lady.) Here are the ATCs I drew up: 1-IMG_6595

Because nature is awesome, and gives the best palette ideas.1-IMG_6593

I read somewhere that coffee is better for productivity, while alcohol is for creativity. Which is true. But I associate coffee with creativity anyway, because I have a thing for drawing coffee cups.1-IMG_6591

Because my favorite artists are so awesome and talented that every new work of art they churn out makes me weep. The painting in this painting is inspired by my favorite artist, Lois van Baarle1-IMG_6587

I feel I must say here that fancy new art supplies are not necessary to produce excellent works of art. But if you don’t know the sheer, childish joy of painting with a brand new brush or paint color then you probably wouldn’t understand this card.1-IMG_6584

Seeing new places, meeting new people and discovering both histories and dreams… is there anything else that can spark creativity better?

I also put a bit of wristwork into the backs, since I compulsively layout pretty much everything.: 1-IMG_6598


11 thoughts on “Nothing sparks my creativity like…

    • Aww, thanks! I’m glad you like them. 😀
      We were six in a group, so we were supposed to make six – five to send to each of our groupmates, and one to keep for ourselves. (only, I didn’t make one for me as I was already late due to stuff I had to do for work!)

      • ejmordasky says:

        I was in a group where we had to make 12…too much time needed for it to be fun for me.with other things I had to do….some groups allow you to make copies of your original…

  1. Your artwork is so cute! I just love these little cards, it’s obvious you had a lot of fun making them! There’s nothing better than coffee for sparking creativity, I can’t function without it! XD

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