A Bit of Time to Create

Gave myself a bit of time to create (and have a small snack) at Bo’s Cafe. 🙂

When I sketched this, I was struggling with making Artist Trading Cards for a Sketchbook Skool exchange. Not only did my schedule suddenly become super hectic (although I admit I ought to have foreseen that…), but I also kept redoing and redoing my cards, not being satisfied with the results! I really feel bad that my cards are going to be late… But at the same time, I’ve got some new ideas on how to make the process quicker the next time I join an ATC Exchange.

It did help that I did decide to take some time to sit down and create, despite the stuff for work that I needed to finish, including the International Day of Peace banner I posted earlier. Although I did still redo most of the cards afterwards, it was nice to get my creative juices flowing.

I guess that it’s really important to find time to create, just like we find time to eat and to sleep even though we can be really bad at even those! There’s really nothing that can truly refresh the mind as well as those moments of sheer creativity!

Oh, and  here’s a little preview of the back of the ATC cards:



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