Wood and Mother-of-pearl Baul

At the office, there is a baul (chest) made of wood and mother-of-pearl by the Maranao tribe in Lanao that I am completely in love with. I’ve tried drawing it many times before, but could never do it justice. But thanks to Liz Steel‘s Sketchbook Skool klass, I finally found a way to sketch it to my heart’s content.

I’m just simply blown away by the craftsmanship of this baul. (It also has a matching small round table, but I haven’t gotten around to sketching that yet.) I love the beautiful, intricate patterns and the lovely small mother-of-pearl patterns. I want to get a smaller version as my home art chest. 🙂

baulIMG_6516 (1) IMG_6515 (1)

Sketchbook Skool’s new semester starts this October and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get into or improve drawing. I’ll be sitting in this semester though. October is college finals week and with all the saving we’ll have to be doing for my sisters’ tuition, let’s just say I’d rather not make life any more difficult for myself. (Although it is partially my fault since I splurged on a few art supplies the past months… but more of that in a future post!)


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