Sketching in the Bus

Usually, I have a hard time sketching in moving vehicles. I like having control over my lines.

This weekend though, I think I got into my in-the-bus sketching groove. It did help that I finally found my soulmate ballpoint pen, a brown Leone. As much as I loved Andrea Joseph’s klass (featuring ballpoint pens) in Sketchbook Skool, my standard ballpoint pens were simply not cooperative. It was not until I got my hands on this beautiful ballpoint that it revealed to me its magic. (I’m going to have to test it for lightfastness, though. I almost dread the results.)

I doodled the brown lines on the bus and then colored afterwards. Next time, I’ll bring a brush pen for bumpy brush stroke and paint splatter goodness.


I had the most wonderful weekend. My boyfriend and I headed off to his home barangay (village) to celebrate his birthday. I don’t really get to visit it a lot because of work and all, but I always love being there. But being the shy type myself, they’ll probably never know how much I do!

I didn’t get much of an opportunity to sketch on the trip going there (too sleepy) and while there (too busy having a good time) but I did have a bit of time on the bus trip going back home.

15132539275_d9155ac540_oDuring travel, funny little thoughts about the things I see always pop into my head. I liked that this time, I’d actually get a record of all those thoughts! 🙂


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