Sketchcrawlin’ Solo

A couple of days ago, I just felt like recharging my mental batteries by sketchcrawling solo. It was a very short evening crawl and I didn’t get much on paper, partly because it was awkward sitting by myself and because I thought I looked like an easy target for muggers. See, in real life I have quite a reputation forΒ being both a loner and painfully shy. But the truth is I would love nothing more than to have sketch buddies for an occasional sketchcrawl. (Sooo… any other urban sketcher from Cagayan de Oro City out there?)

Before the crawl, I had a salad and some strawberry tea at one of my favorite sketchcrawl stops: Missy Bonbon. As the text on the image above says, I accidentally dipped my brush into the tea after doing my first wash with Azo Yellow (PY151). I drank it anyway and feel like I must regret it somehow.


I wanted to draw at the park in front of the Provincial Capitol and in Divisoria, but unfortunately it was quite crowded in both places and felt awkward. So I went over to Gaston Park which still had quite a few people, but it wasn’t as crowded. Besides, I had lots of foliage to hide behind as they were having a green fair. I wish I had the money (and the garden space!) to spend on a few plants.

The next sketch is not part of my most recent crawl, but it is another one of my solo endeavors.


One of my workmates had a modest birthday party at Stargate. It was my first time there, and I was quite impressed by the many structures they had there. The “cottages” were themed and they even had a butterfly garden! However, I didn’t have enough time before dusk to draw anything but this wishing well.


8 thoughts on “Sketchcrawlin’ Solo

  1. I love your work!! The colors are so vivid – what paints do you use? The Wishing Well sketch is my favorite, it looks like an illustration out of a children’s book. ❀

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