Tin Addiction

Andrea Joseph, one of the fakulty teaching at Sketchbook Skool, has themed pencil cases. She asked us, the students, if we had any structured way of keeping supplies.

Me? Well, I’m not overly structured with my art supplies. Mostly because I don’t have a lot of it to begin with. But I do have a thing for tin containers. (I also have a thing for wooden containers, but they cost a bit more.) And some of them even have their own stories.

Above is a photo of my collection so far. To the lower left is a biscuit container from the UK. It was a treat for the folks at the office from Simon Fisher, co-founder of Responding to Conflict. I took one look at it and called dibs on the container well before I even touched a cookie. It now houses a large tube of white gouache and my watercolors, which are all individually wrapped in small ziplock bags because the pthalo blue and green for some reason tend to leak.

Above that is a small, gorgeous tin with a mathematics chalkboard design. Because math is awesome. This one caught my eye when some friends from high school and I were waiting to watch the movie “The Fault in our Stars”. I instantly thought that it would make the perfect mini watercolor palette. Still working on that. Have a closer look:


The two round containers at the bottom right are a Christmas-themed tin box given by my mother’s piano teacher and one of those ice cream containers from Yellow Cab. At the moment, they contain old jewelry.

At the top right is a container that used to contain Brian Froud Fairy Guide Greeting Cards that I got on sale from the amazing Cotabato City store Eco Choices. For some reason, I really don’t remember where I put the cards. It used to contain the watercolors before I expanded my palette and now they won’t fit in it. I’m thinking perhaps I can delegate it to my planned collection of colored pencils and crayons.

Top center is a container that used to contain a full scrapbooking kit. I bought it more for the container than for the scrapbooking kit. I found ways of creatively disposing of some of the contents… I’m sure there was more stuff inside it, but I can’t quite remember where I put them either. It currently contains my papercraft kit, which includes brads, craft knife refills, some tape, toothpicks and my papercut surgical set:


On the top left is the most adorable sanitary napkin container ever. I only had the chance to buy it once before they discontinued the tins. It now contains thread and ribbons.

Not pictured is the mint tin I got from my roommate at the Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute. I left it at the office at the time I took this photo.

So there it is: my growing collection of lovely tin containers.

(On this note, I would like to inform you all that I accept donations of empty mint or biscuit tins. Cash donations will simply not do. Nope. And I would cry tears of joy if someone donates one or more of those 2012 Limited Edition Hint Mint tins with artwork by Audrey Kawasaki. I would seriously love you if you did. So if you happened to have any of those handy: Pretty, pretty, pretty please? With sugar on top? I would make beautiful art for you if you did? Full-color? Original? Sent through express mail? Signed? And with a kiss mark? Please and thank you.)


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