Sunday Treats

Sometimes I work over the weekend. It’s partly out of habit and partly out of confusion. (I’m sure many nurses out there often ask: Why do people need weekends?) This week, however, I’ve been feeling a bit drained. Not only did I catch a very drippy cold but I’ve also had to think about choices I have to make very soon, some of which could drastically alter the course my life is taking at the moment. All in all, it wasn’t a very heavy week. But I did need to take time to “feel” my life just a little bit. It’s hard to combat viruses and confusing life choices when you’re always in a rush!

Like any proper Sunday, I slept in for most of the morning. (I woke up once to have brownies and chocolate for breakfast. And then one more time to take my vitamins.) Then I went out to sketch the neighborhood. It was a beautiful, cool afternoon. A layer of clouds loomed over the city, so that you could only sense the faintest ultramarine blue from behind the thick, white veil. Others might have called today “gloomy”, but the neutral sky brought out the warm colors of the trees and the rooftops. It was a joy to sketch. But I’m going to save posting those sketches for another entry! 🙂

Now, when I really want to treat myself, I go to Missy Bonbon and order a chicken caesar salad: bright, crunchy lettuce, juicy, sweet tomatoes, crunchy croutons, chicken strips, bacon bits, parmesan and pretty much the most amazing salad dressing ever. Sometimes I’ll order a full salad and a cup of strawberry tea. Today, I was a bit hungry so I ordered their three-cheese pasta and a mini salad. Their three-cheese pasta is also pretty amazing, as is their carbonara. (I do find their spaghetti too sweet for my taste.)

I also recommend the gelato. My favorite flavor is Love Potion No. 9, but pretty much everything is good. (One bite into their cookies and cream gelato, my brother bewilderedly declared that it was the best cookies and cream ice cream he had ever tasted. He was bewildered because, for such a common flavor something that good isn’t something you’d expect.)

But since MBB is a breadshop, you also have to try their breads. My favorites are the ciabatta and the korean crack bread, which I have sketched as part of my homework for Sketchbook Skool. (It’s on the upper left in the following image.)


Once, right before I was deployed to relief operations in Bohol, I went to Missy Bonbon and had the caesar salad, the korean crack bread and some tea. We were going to ride a boat to Bohol, I didn’t know how to swim and I hadn’t been on a boat in a long time. I just wanted it to be my last meal. Just in case.

Afterwards, I headed for the office. Not to work, but to watch Lyca Gairanod win The Voice Kids. (It’s pretty much the only TV show I watch religiously these days.) Yesterday, I was convinced that her number one competitor, Darren Espanto ought to win. But today, Lyca just killed it with her performance with Aegis.

And after spending a bit of quality time (more like joking around) with my boyfriend, I headed for home.

I am still a little bit anxious that I have deadlines to catch this week. But I truly did need everything I did today. Feeling myself and the world through sketching, good food, good music and love… It’s pretty much all I’d like to live for every single day.


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