The Journey of the Journey Sojourn Journal

I’ve been meaning to post about my copy of Prashant Miranda‘s Journey Soujourn Journal which I got in the mail some time ago. But my schedule got a bit hectic and I couldn’t complete this entry until now!

Prash was one of the teachers in the first semester (“Beginnings”) of Sketchbook Skool. Even before the semester started, I was already taken by his art style which is at once simple and yet complex, loose and yet purposeful, whimsical and yet serious.


This art book chronicles Prash’s journeys through India in 2013. Actually, it’s a collection of about 200 pages from the visual journals that he brought along in his travels. It’s a lovely way to see his beautiful, soulful art and “travel” along with him through beautiful India.

The book had a difficult trip through the mail. This one took about a month and a half – longer than usual, but not too long that I was alarmed. Customs must have had something to do with the delay, since the package looked like it had been opened, and the cover slightly worn at the edges. However, that was not a big deal.

When I wrote to Prash telling him I already received the book and asking if I could write about it and post a few pictures, he responded with:

By all means. Please do write a blog entry of the book considering it has had it’s own adventurous journey of its own. ‘ the journey of Journey Sojourn Journal’

And it is interesting, isn’t it? That the book was created during a journey, and then it proceeded to have another journey itself!

Here are some of my favorite pages:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One of the things that stood out for me about the print quality was how well the textures were captured! There were times where I could pretty much swear that the images were original sketches. Even the grain of the brown paper and a printout of a dried cherry blossom looked quite real!

The sketches themselves were no disappointment. Reading it felt like I was travelling India through Prash’s eyes. How I wish I myself could travel like that, seeing everything with beauty, simplicity and peace! I’m happy I got this book while I could (it was a limited edition). I tend to overthink and overwork my sketches. Reading through this book reminds me to loosen up, to make sketching an effortless exercise.

Incidentally, I got the book right before I took a three-day trip. The first time I pored over it was in between a ten-hour bus ride! It seems that the Journey Sojourn Journal’s journeys aren’t over yet!


If you want to find out more about Prash, visit his blog. Incidentally, he was also featured in a National Geographic documentary. If you love his work, you’ll absolutely love seeing him in action even more:

Madhya Pradesh – The heart of incredible India from luv kalla on Vimeo.


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