Art Journal 4/16/2014: Tekenen is een Wereldtaal

I just realized I hadn’t posted this yet! It’s watercolor and color pencil on non-watercolor paper so the washes don’t look so clean. 😛

So among the statements that got me thinking during klass in Sketchbook Skool (among many others!) is this Dutch phrase, which is also the title of Koosje‘s granddad’s art book: Tekenen is een Wereldtaal or Drawing is a World Language.

I guess, being a bit of an introvert and being chronically confused by all the languages and dialects in my multilungual country, drawing is the language that I am most fluent in!


2 thoughts on “Art Journal 4/16/2014: Tekenen is een Wereldtaal

  1. Tekenen is inderdaad een wereldtaal 🙂 Look at us! Miles apart, countries, seas apart! And yet what you draw speaks to me. Though I really should take more time to check your blog more regularly.

    How many times must I tell you you need to draw and write a children’s book. You’d be awesome at that (and it will speak to adults too, don’t worry.\).

    • Hello Dae! I’m so, so glad to see you around! I’m also glad that my drawings speak to you from so far away. I do truly believe that art is a universal language!

      Thanks also for the kind words! I do want to try that. Someday, someday… And I’ll definitely send you a complimentary copy when I do. 😉

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