Art Journal 4/20/2014: Broken Things

For Easter, the family went over to the beach to unwind. The beach was full of broken things: A tree that was broken by the typhoon Bopha/Pablo in 2012. A wall that looked like it was built by some guy who had no idea what a wall was and was simply told to “stack a bunch of rocks and pour cement on it”. And this scarred, evil cat (we named it Evil Cat) who, we suspected, was sucking up our souls:


I’ve long been thinking about how broken our world is, and how it makes us end up a bit broken in our own way.

But then, the tree is still growing, the wall has been protecting the property against floods, and the cat is well and pregnant (although we fear the kittens may be little children of the devil). We’ll all be fine.

And often, there are also plenty of things in this world that make everything a bit better.


Like doxies, for instance.


4 thoughts on “Art Journal 4/20/2014: Broken Things

  1. Hi, Hazy. Came over from SBS. Your journal pages are beautiful–so much work! Love the colors and the pen/ink work. I read your “autobiography” and had to chuckle–very well written!
    best from Tunisia,

    • Hello klassmate Nadia!

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like them. πŸ™‚
      Hee… the autobiography was a result of writing “about” pages that sounded increasingly pretentious. I decided a fictional (but realistic!) one would do. xD


  2. Hi! I read your bio last night too and thoroughly enjoyed it! Loved poking around your blog and looking at your work – it’s great!

    Leah from SBS Canada πŸ™‚

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