Art Journal 04/6-8/2014: Art lessons, the office and glaring green

I didn’t want to clog any feeds with straight on daily posts of sketches, so I decided to lump a few in one post. 🙂

It seems that I have less and less energy to think about proper composition the further into the week I got.

Last Sunday, I had kids over for “art lessons”. They’re actually less real art lessons and more entertaining a few bored kids over the summer by making them draw stuff. (After which, they make ME draw stuff. Usually Frozen characters.) I also invited my boyfriend over to help out.

Door 1

Monday was full of work, work and more work. By mid-afternoon, my brain was just so exhausted that I took out my sketchbook and sketched the things around Door One of our office so it could rest a little bit. Everything is so loose, sketchy and probably unproportioned. I didn’t think about composition or anything at all. Just wanted to clear my mind.


My drawing for Tuesday was an indoor plant and a candle sitting on a glass table in Door Two. While sketching it, two-year-old Summer, our officemate’s daughter, decided she wanted me to trace her hands (and feet) and sketch a little bit over my drawing too. I’m all for nurturing young talent. 😉

I’m not super crazy about the colors, though. They all seem mismatched. The green is a mixture of Pthalocyanine Green and Azo Yellow that my cousin mixed too much of when we were painting a few days ago. I decided to tone it down a little bit with Quinacridone Rose but it was still too glaring. I guess Pthalo Green won’t be on my buy again list in the future, because I can mix so much more pleasing and natural ones with my available yellows and blues.


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