Art Journal 04/10/2014: Sheena Liam

Yesterday, Sheena Liam of Malaysia won Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2. And while many of my countrymen are now on the warpath, I think it was a deserved win. Sheena was one of my favorites early on.

I do agree, however, that Jodilly of the Philippines had the best overall portfolio (but Sheena’s was obviously a close second when I placed them side-by-side the day before the competition). Jodilly also had a better runway, but only by a margin. The deciding factor was Sheena’s final photoshoot which in my opinion was hands down superior to Jodilly’s. Just before the winner was announced, I was pretty much alright with either of the two winning. (I did have a huge soft spot for Jodilly though since she comes from a poor family in my country and was so determined to make it to the top.)

On another note, I didn’t expect Katarina to make it to the finals. Her poses were always so stiff, especially at the beginning. She did bloom wonderfully later in the series, and although I’m still not a huge fan there are two photos of her that I’m absolutely crazy about: the ones that earned her best photo.

Two of my early favorites didn’t make it to the top three: Nicole Lee of Singapore and Marie Nakagawa of Japan. Early on, I was nearly absolutely sure that Nicole would win the whole thing because she takes such gorgeous photos. In the middle of the series, Marie was also fast catching up with her energetic photos. I sketched the two of them along with Jodilly at the bottom portion of the sketchbook. I love Jodilly’s jawline and cheekbones but they’re so hard to draw!

I do hope that all the inflammatory comments I’ve been seeing don’t take away from Sheena’s joy of winning. She did a great job, I say. 🙂

( I suppose here’s the part where I must apologize for the fact that I still can’t capture exact likenesses. 😛 )


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