This summer…

A photo in which Hazy discovers that filters and fancy addons are actually quite fun. Done with PicMonkey

Right now is pretty hectic, yes. This whole week has been (and will continue to be) a marathon!

But I have so much to look forward to this summer (Philippine summer = April and May) that I feel so unusually energized.

First off, some high school friends are planning on a beach (or pool) getaway.

Second, I’ve got three kids coming over to my house over summer for “art lessons”. (They just call it that. They’re not actually real lessons and I don’t have a plan. It’s pretty much bored kids who need something to do, being entertained by an adult with waaay too much to do. I will be drawing plenty of Frozen characters over the summer, I think.)

Third, I’ve finally done myself a favor and signed up for art lessons. Now, I couldn’t maintain the regular art lessons offered here in the city because I have to travel a lot for work. Also, I felt like I needed less “how-to” style lessons and more of something that would give me both the inspiration and commitment to work everyday. Fortunately, I found what looks pretty much exactly like what I’ve been looking for: Sketchbook Skool.

I’m super excited! This is an opportunity I’ve always wanted but never had. (I know there’s a slight bit of glory to being able to say you’re a self-taught artist. But the truth is that it pretty much feels like running around like a headless chicken.) Before I hit twenty, I could never afford them. When I could afford them, I never had the time.

To be honest, I still don’t have that kind of time. But instead of not doing anything about it, I’m putting art right up there on my priority list along with finishing that next big project deadline for work.

Why, you ask? Well I’ve had my quarter-life crisis and I’ve emerged from it with the realization that the only thing I ever really want to accomplish in my life is art. Might as well work harder on that than anything else from now on.


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