Pork-clogged arteries

When you’ve seen countless people go through discomfort, suffering and death just because they can’t afford even the most basic medical care, it’s so hard to sympathize with a “sick” person who took part in stealing what could have saved all those lives and more.

I still maintain that everybody deserves quality health care. But not all the goodness in the world could stop me from feeling vindicated if Janet Napoles (and all those senators implicated) would just be able to feel what thousands of other Filipinos go through. (And many of those ordinary people even go through it gracefully).

I’ve tried not to post about this issue because it’s horribly political and so stupid I want to bang my head against a wall. But I just feel strongly about this because health is seldom given priority ANYWHERE when it is, in the end, our biggest asset and the lack of it is one of the biggest sources of human suffering. And here, Napoles’ health is all over the news when all the patients that I’ve had who couldn’t afford laboratory tests, or antibiotics, or other life-saving treatments remained invisible, with hardly anyone to listen to their pleas for treatment funding.

Looking back at all the deaths I’ve witnessed, especially when I was still working at a now-extinct place that was basically a poor man’s ICU, I just feel that all those people deserved much, much better than all the attention they’re giving Napoles now. But they never got it because free samples (not to mention trying to hoodwink the hospital pharmacy into giving the meds on credit) and ward-like staff ratios can only get you so far.


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