The sea is PB29

This memory is all about colors.

My story starts with the trip back home. From Ormoc, Ate Xx, Ate Zarah and I got on a boat bound for Cebu City. I spent most of the trip de-stressing. That is, playing my latest favorite game, Guacameelee. (I swear this game is going to damage the keyboard of my new laptop in a matter of weeks.) So I wasn’t really able to pay much attention on the boat ride. (Especially since I had just decided to replay the entire game on hard mode.)

It was a bit liberating to have so much less luggage then when we started. So at the airport, we decided to have breakfast since we didn’t have time for that in Ormoc. I forgot the name of the place, but what left an impression were these beautiful paintings signed by a Ian Quiros:

Paintings by Ian Quiros

Just look at that. LOOK AT THAT.

I think my camera settings distorted the color to something yellowish. But even so, I’m sure you can see the beautiful shapes and, most importantly, the use of color. In fact, the colors are so perfect that I’m convinced they are pretty much everything I want in my life. They make me want to weep with joy. (Pretty colors just give me feelings.)

I swear, I will find a way to stalk this guy’s work. (Although that’s a bit harder with local artists than with international artists, because locals seldom keep regularly updated websites or blogs.)

Anyway, the food at that place was also really good. I had a delicious caesar salad, and the stuff everyone else ordered looked very nice too. But the coffee was not so much. It had an acidic aftertaste and was so unsatisfying that after Ate Xx and I checked in for our Cagayan de Oro flight, we had another round of coffee (and a really lovely, dense cheesecake) up at Bo’s. All that caffeine (and probably the cream cheese) gave me a headache.

On the flight, I got the window seat. It also happened that I was carrying the camera. It has been my lifelong dream to take photos on a plane.

(A dream that has been unfulfilled because back when I had a decent cameraphone, I never had the opportunity to get on a plane. Now that I travel more often, my decent cameraphone broke down and my new one takes pathetic photos. Plus, I’m too cheap to get myself a decent one even if I can well afford it.)

Dream fulfilled.

Thanks a lot, Cebu!

That was one of my better shots of Cebu. Or maybe it’s one of those other cities that all us non-Visayans call Cebu anyway because they’re on the island of Cebu. Anyway, it was nice to be there even if we were only there for about five hours waiting for either a flight or a float during the span of our ten-day trip.

Gorgeous Philippine Islands

On one flight to Cebu, I was struck by how beautiful small islands look from afar. You don’t just see the parts you’d see when you’re on it – the white sand, the green groves, the houses, the rocks. But you also see part of what it looks like underneath the ocean. I just love the underwater landscape, bleached teal by the sea. It was one of those sights that made me say that I am extremely lucky to be born in one of the most damn beautiful countries on earth.

I wanted so badly to capture images of tiny islands and their underwater landscape. But it seems that we didn’t manage to pass by the particular area that caught my breath some time ago. I did manage to capture this image where you can see that effect, though. (This may have been one of the factors why I impulse-ordered Cobalt Teal PB28 for my watercolor palette. Can’t wait to paint with that once it arrives!)


And here is where I realize why the pigment PB29 (the “modern replacement and color match for the historical pigment lapis lazuli that appears in the most precious medieval art” according to Handprint) is called Ultramarine Blue. I baaaadly wish I had a swatch of ultramarine to compare, but I left my sketchbooks and paint kit at home and I don’t have a camera to compare anyway. But the color is used in the following pieces of my horrible art:

Look! It's a tartol! Hinaharana ang Langit

In the second, it’s tinted with a rose color to make it violet. But you can see, particularly in areas of deep application that it’s a remarkably similar color to the sea and the sky. I am now in love with this color and want to marry it.

Waves, waves, waves

The little white specks are waves in the sea. They don’t look like they’re moving from this far up, but if you look closer at one, you’ll see that it’s slowly flowing and changing.

I bet it’s not just the sea that is like that from far up, too. I’ll bet people look as unchanging at this distance as the waves in the sea, as slow and steady as we perceive grass growing. It’s nice to have another perspective of the world.


Aaaand…. Touchdown, Laguindingan!

At this point of the journey, I was just exhausted but happily so. This trip was really one of the most unique and fulfilling experiences I have ever had… But I forget, I am yet to tell you all about it! 😀


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