Watercolor Practice: Turtle

Watercolor Practice

Watercolors on 100% cotton paper (Arches)

This is for WetCanvas’ October 2013 watercolor challenge. I fell in love with the gorgeous textures on the reference image and so I couldn’t resist trying it out. I was so excited to start painting that I kind-of rushed the background, though. 😛

I think one of my main weaknesses when it comes to watercolors is that I haven’t yet fully taken advantage of its spontaneity. I usually use short, controlled strokes instead of just letting it all flow and blend on the paper. I am always in awe of the loose, effortless effects that great watercolorists manage on their paintings. Partly, I think it’s because of lack of planning. I get so excited to dive right into a painting that I don’t want to have to bother with planning my washes.

And also, I wonder why Pthalo Green (PG7) always looks dull in my photos?


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