Art Journal 10/10/2013: Gingoog City

Gel Pen and Watercolors on Moleskine watercolor sketchbook
October  8-10, 2013

I dare any non-Mindanaon to say “Gingoog” correctly the first time around. As a hint, I give you photojournalist Bobby Timonera’s words: “Gingoog has three ‘G’s and none of them are pronounced the same way.” You have ten seconds. Go.

Perspective on the building is actually very off and everything pretty much had to be colored from memory, but as my first building sketch in a while, I like it. 🙂


My art journal is a regular thing, but I haven’t gotten around to posting most of them. For some reason, my colors have always been off and muddy lately. I guess this is a result of fussing around with colors too much. Shame, because I finally sketched a portrait that was a close likeness but messed it up with the color. Better luck next time, I guess.



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