Thoughts on the aftermath of Typhoon Pablo (Bopha)

Just arrived at San Francisco, Agusan del Sur from our trip to Boston, Cateel and Baganga in Davao Oriental. I can think of nothing more to describe it than this:

Imagine, to the east, the beautiful ultramarine blue of the Pacific Ocean. And to the west, destruction as far as the eye can see. We did not pass a single house or farmland that was not devastated. No photograph can do it justice, really. It looks like some post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Residents said that Typhoon Pablo was like two tornadoes – one coming from the land, and one coming from the sea – and that the wind was howling as it stripped off their roofs and walls, then buffeted their homes and even the strongest trees, and then ripped them clean out of the ground.



Context: I was part of an initial relief/assessment team deployed by a local NGO, the Balay Mindanaw Foundation, after Typhoon Pablo (Bopha) hit the Philippines.

This post contains photos by me, Jojow Laurico and Lileth Miranda.



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